Case Study – O’Flynn Medical

O’Flynn Medical are one of Ireland’s leading medical equipment distributors and came to us in need of assistance. Six months prior to contacting Digital Funnel they had a new website built and developed for them, but as a result they lost all of their previous organic ranking positions and traffic which was having a hugely detrimental effect on the amount of new inbound sales enquiries they were receiving.

The Digital Funnel Strategy

Full Website Audit

Firstly we commissioned a full website audit in order to find issues that were harming the O’Flynn Medical’s website performance.

  • Broken links – A significant issue, these occur when a user clicks on a page and presented with a 404 error, meaning that the selected resource is not available leading the user unable to view the content they wished, creating a bad user experience which in turn will negatively effect overall SEO performance. After the website switch our client had many broken link issues.
  • Redirects – Due to the number of broken links on the O’Flynn Medical site we had to implement a number of link redirect optimisation tactics. Redirects can send visitors on your site to the correct pages but if they are not optimised correctly, they can lag and load slowly, causing users to bounce off.
  • XML Sitemaps – It is essential that these site maps are updated frequently. Our  team scheduled and performed a full revamp and  included canonical, indexable versions of the sites URLS in order to help to the Google bots crawl and index the key URLs.

On-Page SEO Work

  • Keyword Research – Researching & selecting the correct keywords is vital if you want to rank well. We liaised with the O’Flynn Medical team to narrow down the most key elements of the business and which markets to target.
  • Content Writing – Our in-house content writing team examined the site for opportunities to produce and host optimised, keyword-rich content throughout the revamped website.
  • Meta Tags – Correctly inputted meta tags are essential as they directly impact how a website appears in the SERPs, these can have a significant impact on organic traffic and rankings.

Building Online Authority

  • Domain Authority – This is effectively a score given to your website through the eyes of the search engines, ranging from 1-100. A brand new website will have a score of zero, whereas an established, reputable site like will have a score in the mid 80’s. The more high-quality & relevant links to your website the higher your DA will become.
  • Link Building Tactics – Creating a varied and relevant backlink profile is essential when it comes to boosting your domain authority. By securing links from other highly rated sites, some of this authority is passed to a clients site, in turn increasing the DA of our clients website which will help them rank higher in the SERPs.
  • Digital PR – Our Digital PR team work to secure high authority, high value links in order to develop the O’Flynns domain authority further.


  • Track traffic & Events – We monitor site vitals and traffic daily to spot upward, or in the rare instance, downward trends in order to ensure our strategies are operating correctly.
  • Keyword Tracking – The chosen keyword terms are tracked closely to ensure they are beginning to rank in the SERPs.
  • Client Meetings – Monthly meetings are scheduled with the O’Flynns team to keep them up to date with ever step of the process and highly informed.

The Outcome

Since we began work with O’Flynn Medical team in the summer of 2019 they’ve seen a major jump in organic traffic, around 4500%.



There has been a sharp increase in the amount of keywords now recognised by Google –

This is coupled with the sheer volume of keywords now ranking on Page 1 of Google. 239 individual keyword terms are now located in the top 10 places on the Google SERPs. If you’re not ranking in the Top 10 here, you’re not ranking on the first page of the results.

Link Building Successes –

Various online placements including a significant feature with Irish mother & baby site,

This site boasts a Domain Authority of 49 and around 37’000 monthly visitors, however the key point to note here is that this is another Irish site. Google loves to see backlinks from reputable, local sources and features like this massively influence a clients site growth.

Digital PR

Through their daily outreach efforts our Digital PR team managed to secure a placement with, an authority in the medical world with huge organic traffic and a DA of 82 with over 0.5 billion organic traffic per month. (yes Billion…..). The quote contained in the article alongside a link back to the O’Flynn Medical website is hugely beneficial to overall SEO campaign.

“We have worked with Ian for close to a year now. Very focused and transparent on the work that he does. There are so many elements to marketing and we have found that Ian will always go the extra mile to understand the business so he can align the SEO and Marketing to the correct audiences and sectors. Ian’s response times are fantastic and we at O’Flynn Medical couldn’t recommend him highly enough.” Lisa Corkery, O’Flynn Medical


O’Flynn Medical have grown from strength to strength since we began our work with them in mid 2019, securing major new hospital contracts and actively expanding the business. Secure in the knowledge there is a steady revenue stream coming from online inbound business the team have been able to hire new personnel in addition to their field sales team.