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Digital Funnel is the go-to digital marketing agency, with offices in Cork & Dublin but serving all of Ireland & beyond. We bring transparent, honest, goal-driven strategies designed to deliver business-boosting results quickly and efficiently. We combine a plethora of performance-based data and targeted digital market research to design scientifically-powered digital marketing campaigns just for you. This is a systemised approach, we’ve put countless hours into developing and perfecting our techniques, meaning our process is repeatable, working countless times.

Our goal is simple, we supply you with a full armoury of Digital Marketing, from cutting-edge Digital PR, PPC and SEO campaigns to Website Design that is crafted to get exceptional results. We ignore the fads and the hype but instead focus on the important issue, your ROI.




Our Digital Marketing Agency Focus

No two businesses are the same, we know this. We’re committed to offering the most customisable, comprehensive, and effective group of services designed to suit your organisation and propel it to the next level by crafting leads and naturally boosting conversions.


Our Promise

In our digital marketing agency our core values are honesty and integrity. There are many ways to cut corners in digital marketing especially in SEO services but they all lead to disaster in the end. We believe in treating ourcustomers fairly with a top quality service. We only want to work with clients who offer that same level of respect to their customers.

At our digital marketing agency in Cork, we highly value our customer service. We always keep our clients updated with everything that happens as well as providing quick responses to their queries with honest communication. We create monthly reports and executive summaries to keep you part of the process and informed.

In business, what matters most is not how hard you work but how much you achieve. Vanity metrics such as likes and website visitors are pointless without conversion. Our digital marketing agency focuses on engineering your web pages to help you build a database, drive leads through your marketing funnel, that will ultimately convert to sales.

Digital Marketing Agency FAQs

What is B2B Digital Marketing?

If you are operating a business-to-business company, there are chances that your digital marketing efforts will be concentrated around online leads. Where B2C marketing is geared more towards online sales, in B2B we are trying to first engage a prospective client. This can often take the form of booking a meeting, online demo or requesting a callback. Building a mailing list too is very powerful as the sales cycle can be much longer. Email gathering techniques that are popular include downloading white papers, free subscriptions and exclusive content. Additionally, beyond focusing on your website, you’ll also focus your efforts on other channels that are more business-focused, like LinkedIn and Twitter.



Is digital marketing ideal for all businesses?

Digital marketing is known to work for businesses in any industry. It doesn’t matter what your company sells or the kind of services you offer; digital marketing always comes in handy to build out the buyers’ persona and help you identify your customer’s needs. However, this does not mean that all businesses should implement their digital marketing strategies in the same way.



How different is digital marketing from traditional advertising?

Traditional advertising refers to direct mailing, radio, print, linear TV, and billboards. One of the differences here is that the means of communication or messaging is a one-way conversation. Also known as outbound marketing, the mode of advertisement in this case only allows the advertiser to reach out to the audience, but the audience cannot communicate back. The spend on traditional advertising has plummeted and for good reason. With digital marketing, you can see exactly what is successful and get a true understanding of what the cost per acquisition is for new clients. Without intensive research and focus groups that are impossible with traditional advertising.



Digital Marketing for B2C?

Depending on the price range of your goods and services and whether you are running a business-to-consumer company, your goal in the digital marketing platform is likely to be of generating traffic for your website and having the visitors converted to customers. This way, your company will not need a salesperson. However, with the implementation of converting visitors to customers, you are less likely to focus on the leads and concentrate more on building a buyer’s journey for everyone who lands on your site



What is the purpose of digital marketing in a company?

Unlike other offline marketing strategies, marketers that use digital marketing strategies have the advantage of getting accurate results in real-time. For instance, when you place your advertisement in a newspaper, there is no way of knowing how many people landed and took an interest in your ad. Also, there is no sure way of knowing if the ad was responsible for any sales. However, with digital marketing, the marketer can measure the return of investment by using web traffic and digital analytic software.



Where do Digital Funnel offer their services?

As a digital marketing agency, we are lucky enough to be able to offer our services worldwide. We have clients in all main cities in Ireland including Cork, Dublin, Galway and Tipperary. We help our clients with local and national SEO whether they are looking for an eCommerce SEO plan or a regular SEO plan.

Outside of Ireland, we are currently working with clients in the UK and US. Digital Funnel also helps many clients with web design, both for eCommerce sites and WordPress sites. As of recently, our team has expanded and we are now offering Digital PR and PPC ads. Get in touch with us today.




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