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What are some of the features which serve to define modern SEO services? Common answers will include bespoke attention to detail, the ability to leverage the latest techniques, adhering to all relevant compliance issues, and technical prowess. These are some of the metrics which are synonymous with the team at Digital Funnel.  

We appreciate the fact that the requirements of every business will vary. Therefore, the notion of a “one-size-fits-all” approach is hardly relevant in this day and age. We will therefore develop unique strategies based solely on your requirements. This enables us to gauge your success more accurately and perhaps, more importantly, to enact proactive changes at the appropriate times.

After all, the proverbial bottom line always equates to your return on investment. Of what use is a rise in organic traffic if your site has not been optimised to resonate with potential customers? If you are curious to learn more about why our SEO services rise head and shoulders above all competitors, the information below will not disappoint.  



The Basics of a Sound SEO Strategy: From the Ground Up

One of the most critical building blocks of any successful campaign involves on-page SEO. Simply stated, this process involves the oversight of what occurs throughout your website. How is this accomplished? There are several steps that our SEO company in Dublin will take: 

  • Hands-on website audits. 
  • HTML analyses. 
  • Bespoke content creation. 
  • The inclusion of elements such as meta tags and meta descriptions.  

 These strategies will ultimately result in a greater amount of inbound traffic. Whether you are interested in lead generation, sales or higher SERP (search engine results page) rankings, such techniques offer a powerful edge.  


What external variables may be impacting the status of your website? Our tried-and-tested methodology will supply in-depth analyses within an amenable period; enabling you to better understand how to vanquish your closest competitors. We aim to increase your digital visibility by augmenting metrics such as relevance, transparency and authority. Interpreting social media signals, building business citations and professional linking strategies are three of the ways in which we will enhance the reputation of your site while remaining in compliance with relevant Google algorithms.


How happy are you with the current results of your SEO campaign? If you are less than satisfied, keywords could represent the ultimate culprit. As each business is unique in terms of its products and services, it is only logical to assume that keywords should be just as targeted.  

Our experts will employ the latest tools and techniques to determine the most appropriate keywords. However, we also make it a point to analyse your target market so that the customer journey can become even more streamlined. Extremely powerful methods include deep competitor analyses, PR research and appreciating user intent. When these approaches are employed in synergy with other contemporary tactics such as the use of long-tail keywords, even the loftiest of conversion goals will be well within your reach.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and this maxim is just as true when referring to quality SEO services in Dublin. In other words, the ability to curate high-quality content is no longer sufficient in this day and age. Digital Funnel will endeavour to augment the credibility of your site by linking with other reputable portals. Of course, this will also increase your website domain authority (your search page rankings) so that more potential customers see what it is that you have to offer. 

This is performed through methods including getting natural links and press releases (to name but a few). Ultimately, you will be able to establish a mutual rapport with your audience while accruing traffic that is familiar with what you are offering.  

 Let us also remember that authoritative websites are viewed favourably by Google search engine crawlers. Therefore, your rankings will increase in tandem with organic traffic.


Digital PR creates that perfect symbiosis between public relations and search engine optimization. This is why our SEO company has an in-house Digital PR team that works to boost your online visibility and SERP ranking. Additional techniques include: 

  • Curating Digital PR campaigns. 
  • Ensuring that your business is featured within other prominent online articles. 
  • Newsjacking 

When these approaches are combined with quality backlinks, positive customer reviews and the ability to be viewed as an expert in your field, the digital horizon is no longer the limit.


We also need to remember that what occurs “behind the scenes” is just as critical in regard to SEO practices and conversion rates. This is when the notion of technical search engine optimisation comes into play. The primary intention of this approach revolves around optimising your website so that search engines can better appreciate what it contains. As a result, you can leverage the power of increased rankings.

However, let’s remember that technical SEO should not represent a one-off checklist. It is instead an ongoing portion of a well-balanced approach. This arises from the fact that a technically streamlined site will offer a firm foundation for future success. Thus, our Dublin team analyses specific features associated with your portal such as: 

  • Page loading speeds 
  • Inbound traffic 
  • Mobile SEO 
  • The presence of any past Google infractions 
  • On-site HTML architecture and navigability 
  • The setup of Google Console, Google Analytics and XML sitemaps


Digital Funnel bases all of our services upon two principles: insight and clarity. However, this is nearly impossible to achieve using traditional techniques such as a monthly email report or a summary of Google Analytics metrics. 

We, therefore, provide monthly meetings with each and every customer so that our SEO findings actually make sense. How is your campaign performing? What success have you seen and is there any possible room for improvement? These are only a handful of the questions which we will answer when working in tandem with your company.

Context is important in this respect. If your account manager is provided with the right information, he or she can then pass these details on to the appropriate stakeholders. Our team will also present you with all curated content so that it can receive our approval before going live; guaranteeing that you are involved throughout the entire process.



SEO Statistics: What You Need to Know

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Types of SEO

Our Promise

In our digital marketing agency our core values are honesty and integrity. There are many ways to cut corners in digital marketing especially in SEO services but they all lead to disaster in the end. We believe in treating ourcustomers fairly with a top quality service. We only want to work with clients who offer that same level of respect to their customers.

At our digital marketing agency in Cork, we highly value our customer service. We always keep our clients updated with everything that happens as well as providing quick responses to their queries with honest communication. We create monthly reports and executive summaries to keep you part of the process and informed.

In business, what matters most is not how hard you work but how much you achieve. Vanity metrics such as likes and website visitors are pointless without conversion. Our digital marketing agency focuses on engineering your web pages to help you build a database, drive leads through your marketing funnel, that will ultimately convert to sales.


SEO Services
What Can You Expect?

The main intention of search engine optimisation (SEO) is to increase the amount of inbound traffic to your website. The team of professionals at Digital Funnel provide targeted SEO techniques to ensure that your venture acquires the exposure that it deserves.  

As opposed to employing guesswork, we leverage the latest techniques to obtain an in-depth picture of your requirements so that it is possible to better resonate with your online audience. Simply stated, the ultimate goal is to work smart as opposed to hard. 

Internet users will perform a general search to find what it is that they happen to be looking for. The primary intention is to match your website with such queries so that you will be able to enjoy a greater number of inbound hits. The end result is quality traffic and ultimately, higher conversion rates.  


Is an SEO Really that Important?

Let’s remember that we live in a society largely defined by online interactions. Therefore, any business must leverage the latest digital tools if it hopes to enjoy long-term success. An analogy will help to illustrate this point. It would make little sense to place a billboard in the middle of the woods and hope that it is seen by nearby motorists. In the same respect, misguided SEO services in Dublin will fall upon deaf ears if the proper techniques are not employed. Digital Funnel aims to bridge the gap between the present status of your SEO venture and what you are looking to achieve.


How Does an SEO Expert Provide Results?

Our team of professionals will act as partners more than as overseers. In other words, we are involved in your day-to-day operations so that no (digital) stone is left unturned. This synergy offers a hands-on insight that would be impossible to achieve otherwise. Whether referring to on-site SEO or off-site strategies, your rankings and overall success are the primary concerns of our SEO company.


When Can I Expect to See Results?

This is a slightly loaded question, as the answers depend upon a number of factors. These include what it is that you are offering to the public, how long the site has been active, if it has experienced any issues in the past, and the type of content that is present. Other variables include your niche market and the perceived competition.  

Having said this, initial results will normally begin to emerge after three months. It may take between eight months and one year to truly appreciate the effects of our approach. This is also why we strive to establish working relationships with each client, as we can provide more detailed estimates while addressing any temporal concerns as they emerge. 


What is an SEO Consultant?

Our SEO company will optimise your website so that it ranks higher within search engine results pages. This is accomplished through various strategies including the presence of quality backlinks, the curation of quality content and ensuring that your HTML is free from errors. Furthermore, our proactive support system guarantees that you are kept “in the loop” throughout the entire process.


Why is Local SEO Important?

SEO has embraced a decidedly local flavour, and for good reason. It is increasingly important to cater to a niche market as opposed to a massive audience. Simply stated, interacting with a discrete audience will provide more tangible results when compared to gauging the results of a massive SEO campaign.  

This is particularly advantageous for small- to medium-sized businesses that might not possess the in-house resources to carry out more extensive campaigns. It is also crucial to note that search engines such as Google look favourably upon local SEO tactics.  

We will therefore employ keywords and key phrases to ensure that certain pages are optimised for specific locations (such as “Accountants in Dublin”). By curating discretely themed pages in such a manner, more targeted search results (and increased rankings) will inevitably follow.


How Does Off-Site SEO Work?

If we envision your website as the hub of a wheel, off-site SEO represents the “spokes” that increase its inherent stability. Off-site SEO involves techniques such as enhancing the authoritative nature of your online presence while ensuring transparency; both key features of a site that is trusted and considered to represent a viable source of industry-specific advice. An off-site SEO expert aims to provide your presence with a sense of trustworthiness that would not be possible with on-site techniques alone.


Where do Digital Funnel offer their services?

As a digital marketing agency, we are lucky enough to be able to offer our services worldwide. We have clients in all main cities in Ireland including Cork, Dublin, Galway and Tipperary. Outside of Ireland, we are currently working with clients in the UK and US. Digital Funnel also helps many clients with web design, both for eCommerce sites and WordPress sites. As of recently, our team has expanded and we are now offering Digital PR and PPC ads. Get in touch with us today.



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