PPC Ads, How do they Work?

If you’re looking to boost leads, generate sales and increase engagement ASAP, our PPC Agency Google Ads campaigns will work for you. Pay-per-click ads are a highly effective marketing tool and work in tandem with other marketing campaigns you may have, or will have to operate in the future. No two businesses are the same and no two businesses will need the exact same form of PPC ads, our in-house PPC experts drill down to select and curate the best and most relevant advertising options for you and your business to ensure maximum ROI. PPC Ads work by allowing you to promote and highlight your business throughout a number of highly topical and relevant spaces on social media, search engines and even other websites. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you are charged a fee, meaning you only want those who are likely to proactively engage with your business clicking through, this is where Digital Funnel comes in.




The Digital Funnel PPC Ads Process

These are PPC Ads that appear at the very top of the Google Search Results, advertisers bid for specific keywords and keyword terms which allows them to occupy these valuable positions. Without the relevant expertise and know-how in the field, it’s easy to bid wastefully and wind up with little to no positive results. Our PPC team are highly adept and experienced with the Google Ads system, so you can rest assured your investment is in safe hands. Our rigorous testing and review system means we know how to optimise your ad content for keyword relevance and quality.



When you invest in something, you want to see results. The Digital Funnel team consistently monitors the performance of your PPC ads to ensure they are having the desired effect and are serving your overall marketing strategy. Through various data analytics, our experts can measure conversions, leads generated and more, then use this information to inform all further campaigns.



This key aspect of PPC ads deals with attracting users who have previously visited your own website. This method can be a hugely effective one as we already know the user is interested in your product/business. Remarketing can be used to boost your conversion rates and increase overall site traffic.



Through the use of display ads, your total reach can be expanded by targeting a specific audience who have specified certain traits, preferences or likes. Banner or display ads rely heavily on images, text, animations or even video and are designed to be evocative and appealing to your core demographic.




Answers to Your Questions

How Effective is PPC?

For PPC Ads to be effective, it needs to have powerful keywords, a strong bidding strategy, compelling and targeted ad copy, highly engaging landing pages and continual monitoring and in-depth analysis.  At Digital Funnel, we put high importance on ensuring that we give your business all of these so that your PPC campaigns are unforgettable. Components that work hand in hand, you can achieve better results. By showing you which ads are clicked, we will uncover the click-through rate pay per click.



What Is The Difference Between SEO and PPC?

The main difference between the two is that the traffic that you receive from Search Engine Optimisation marketing is organic and free whereas the traffic which is generated from PPC advertising is not. Through PPC Ads, you can pay for Google Ads to sure that you rank through searched terms.  Organic SEO results will appear either halfway down the page or at the bottom. Whereas when you pay for ads, they will appear at the top of the page. The effectiveness of the ad will depend on how your website is optimised.



Is PPC The Same As SEM?

You will often see these terms intertwined. PPC Ads or Pay Per Click is a specific type of online marketing/advertising, whereas SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is used as a blanket term to describe any type of activity that’s created to improve how easy it is to find your business via Google/Bing or any other search engine.  Although both are used to enhance your ranking on search engines, PPC refers to the advert type that you see at the top of the page. PPC is thus an aspect of SEM.



Is Google AdWords Pay Per Click?

Google AdWords (also known as Google Ads) operates within a PPC model. Within this model, users will bid on specific high-ranking keywords, paying for each customer click on their ads. Each time that a specific search occurs, Google will search within its pool of advertisers that hold Google ads and will select a particular set that will appear at the top of the search results.  To be selected, you will need to ensure that your ad includes high-quality and relevant keywords (as well as campaigns) – which is why it’s so beneficial to seek professional help with your PPC marketing.



How Long Does Google Ads Take To Work?

When you’re first starting with Google Ads, you might wonder, how long will it take to work? Of course, this is on a business-to-business basis, but overall Google Ads is one of the quickest ways that you can grow your brand awareness and convert traffic into sales.  Depending on your business goals, your location and the industry you are in, the time which it takes to work can vary hugely. However, if you have targeted the correct keywords, written compelling ad and landing page copy, you will start to see the effects in as little as a few days.



Is Paid Search The Same As PPC?

You might be wondering what the difference is between paid search and PPC. And although they are pretty much the same thing, there is one crucial difference between the two.

PPC generates revenue when someone clicks on an advert. In the form of internet advertising, the advertiser will pay the search engine (or wherever it appears). when the ad itself is clicked. Used to drive website traffic, it’s a popular digital model that’s rapidly taking over.

Paid Search Ads are adverts that appear through search engine results pages (also known as SERPs). A form of online marketing, search engines such as Bing and Google will allow you to show these ads. A more controllable and measurable form of marketing, through paid search, you will be able to target keywords.



What is a PPC strategy?

As PPC advertisers, we create a personalised PPC strategy for each business that we work with. A plan of action, each PPC strategy is designed to achieve a particular business goal.

Beginning with an assessment of the challenges that your business faces, what you want to achieve from PPC advertising and what your competitors are doing, it will become clearer as to what path we should take. Once we have conducted thorough research and analysis, we will develop a plan in which a set of optimisations and initiatives are included.



What Does PPC Include?

Once your ad is displayed via specific search results, each time it’s clicked and a visitor comes across your website or a landing page, a small fee is applicable. A targeted form of advertising will result in conversions. PPC itself is an umbrella term that can include:

  • Search ads (including local search ads)
  • Display ads
  • Remarketing

All of these ads can be displayed via search results, social media, on specific web pages and mobile apps.



Are Google Ads Worth It?

You might be wondering, are Google Ads worth it? At Digital Funnel, we certainly think so. Not only do Google Ads allow you to advertise your business to millions of people across the world, but it’s also cost-effective, meaning that a business of any size can afford it.

Giving you the freedom to start and adjust your bids at any time, it’s a form of advertising that’s unlike anything before. It also gives you fast and reliable results, allows for a scalable marketing strategy and has an array of impressive analytics. The possibilities are simply endless with Google Ads.



Do Digital Funnel offer other services?

Yes, we do. Our digital marketing agency offer SEO and web design services too. Our design team have worked with many clients varying in eCommerce web design and WordPress web design. Whether you want SEO in Cork, Dublin, Galway or Tipperary, we provide local SEO, national SEO and eCommerce SEO for all kinds of clients in all parts of Ireland and further afield.




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