Digital Funnel is a complete Digital Marketing Agency based in both Cork and Dublin, Ireland offering a suite of services designed to drive your business forward. From SEO to Digital PR, Web Design, Paid Ads and everything in between, our goal is to get your organisation found online, develop a strong lead pipeline, optimise sales process to convert and craft the ultimate digital marketing funnel.

Digital Funnel – Who Are We?

Cork native and Company Director Ian Carroll is a hugely experienced Digital Marketeer and after years on the front lines assisting businesses, he founded his own agency Digital Funnel.

“I’ve been there on the front lines, working for large, digital start-ups, managing sales teams and helping businesses to utilise digital marketing techniques to really grow and propel their business. However Digital Funnel was born out of necessity, prior to starting the company I found myself working for a promising technology start-up however the company unfortunately folded suddenly, which left me with no income, a young family and a mortgage to pay. From that point on I promised myself I’d steer my own ship financially and start my own business.”

Digital Funnel was initially created as a small project, however, it quickly became apparent that the demand for quality digital marketing work was high, which led to Ian going full time and committing long term –

“I have a passion for helping other businesses, I really do love it. We’ve got a great position here as a digital marketing agency to work with a client that may be struggling to drive leads or cement a strong online presence and then totally transforming that side of the business, it’s a wonderful feeling to help other companies fulfil their visions.”

As the business grew, so did the Digital Funnel team –

“One thing that’s incredibly important to me is giving employment to younger people, I love taking on bright, hard-working, new staff that are eager to make a career for themselves. In the early part of my career I probably could have done with some career mentoring. Someone to show me the options available in the marketing industry. It’s something I really wished I had so it brings me great satisfaction to offer that support to our team members here. We also offer time off and financial support for staff to pursue up-skilling opportunities, giving them the chance to shape their own future in the company and carve out their own niche.”

“I’m a firm believer in doing business the right way. I think everyone’s been in a situation where they’ve dealt with an individual or group that wasn’t the most pleasant to deal with, you don’t have to be that person when it comes to business. We focus on honesty, transparency and working hard in order to drive the right results for not only us, but for our clients too.


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