What is eCommerce SEO?

An eCommerce SEO agency is tasked with increasing the ROI of a business by achieving greater online visibility and ensuring that rankings result in a higher number of inbound hits. These tactics make perfect sense when we consider that the global industry is thought to be worth in excess of $4.89 trillion dollars. However, we need to remember that this sector has become extremely competitive in recent times. Fuelled by a growing target market and due in no small part to the ongoing health situation, eCommerce firms need to remain one step ahead of the game.

While there is no doubt that traditional advertising practices are still valid, a growing number of consumers are shying away from such methods. Digital Ads are becoming increasingly expensive and are rapidly reaching saturation point, consumers are now searching on average 4-8 times before making a purchase and with Pay Per Click ads, you pay every time a user hits your link, meaning an increase in cost and a drop in ROI.  Furthermore, advanced ad blockers have now become commonplace. Ecommerce SEO is a far more effective, long term tactic and can accomplish several important tasks such as the generation of organic traffic, boosting online visibility, and curating more targeted ad campaigns.

These are some of the main reasons why eCommerce SEO now represents one of the most powerful tools to increase SERP (search engine results page) rankings and ultimately, to enjoy a higher return on investment.

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What Strategies Will Our eCommerce SEO Agency Employ?

It is estimated that more than 3.8 billion Google searches are carried out each and every second. Therefore, determining the most appropriate keywords represents a central tenet of any eCommerce SEO agency. However, this method has also become more precise through the use of both short- and long-tail keywords. Consumers are now likely to present a query such as “refurbished laptops Ireland” as opposed to simply “refurbished laptops”. As a result of Brexit and the customs duty that comes with it, shoppers are more inclined to buy from a business in their own country in the event there is an issue with the product, it’ll be easier to return and liaise with the seller, whilst also being in many cases a much cheaper option. Therefore eCommerce SEO must select the most relevant words based on in-depth analytical research. Otherwise, engagement rates and conversions will suffer as a direct result.



The most well-designed eCommerce websites should require no more than three clicks for a user to return to the homepage. Site architecture is therefore critical in order to provide a seamless experience. Some tried-and-tested methods include reducing load times, creating clear navigation menus, developing page titles based on short-tail keywords, and optimising sites for mobile devices. The ultimate goal of this eCommerce SEO strategy is to make it simple for users to find the appropriate product and/or service. Furthermore, well-designed websites will rank higher within SERP results.



Common on-page SEO techniques related to eCommerce include product-related content, quality images and media, using the proper HTML tags, and creating optimised meta titles and meta descriptions. Other core concerns such as properly formulated URLs and site security will likewise be addressed to ensure that the website is functioning as it should at all times.



While this type of eCommerce SEO occurs “behind the scenes”, it is still quite relevant in today’s marketplace. Some common approaches include product schema mark-ups, 404 redirects and configuring pages for different languages/locations. A handful of additional strategies which our eCommerce SEO agency may employ can include eliminating duplicate content, rectifying broken links, searching for on-site crawl errors, and creating an optimised XML sitemap.



Several link-building tactics will be utilised by our eCommerce SEO specialists in order to boost online credibility and transparency. Depending upon the needs of the site, some methods include creating blog posts, establishing directories, linking to authoritative third-party domains, and obtaining credit for content that has been created by others. Ecommerce websites associated with a robust link structure will always rank higher within SERPs.



eCommerce SEO Services: Important Facts and Figures

Answers to Your Questions

Which eCommerce Platform is Best for SEO?

The answer to this question will depend upon the size of your eCommerce business, your goals and what type of service package you happen to be looking for. It is wise to speak with our eCommerce SEO agency to learn more about your options. The most popular include WooCommerce, which is a WordPress Website plugin, and Shopify. We have also worked with Sana and CS-Cart eCommerce platforms.



How to do SEO for eCommerce Website?

There are several steps if you wish to optimise your ongoing SEO efforts. Common strategies involve building trustworthy links, creating quality content, using the appropriate keywords, developing a targeted digital PR strategy, and addressing on-page SEO concerns.



Is Local SEO Important for eCommerce?

Local SEO has become extremely important in relation to the eCommerce sector. This is particularly the case for smaller enterprises that wish to resonate with a specific demographic while enjoying a substantial ROI. With ongoing concerns about Customs Duty because of Brexit, people are preferring to buy from local businesses to minimise excise fees or delays with postage.



How do You SEO a Product Page?

Our eCommerce SEO agency will take into account several metrics such as keyword-laden product descriptions, the use of quality images, improving page-specific SERP rankings, and linking product pages to authoritative third-party portals. Furthermore, this type of eCommerce SEO will highlight other variables such as leveraging the presence of online advertisements and building a solid PR campaign.



Why is SEO Important for eCommerce?

In todays’ frenetic eCommerce marketplace, the name of the game is competition. Properly aligned SEO packages will therefore focus upon efforts that allow you to rise above your closest competitors. This results in a greater degree of visibility, more predictable levels of visitor engagement and an appreciable return on investment over time.



Where do Digital Funnel offer their services?

As an SEO agency, we are lucky enough to be able to offer our services worldwide. We have clients in all main cities in Ireland including Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Galway and Tipperary. Outside of Ireland, we are currently working with clients in the UK and US. Digital Funnel also helps many clients with web design, both for eCommerce sites and WordPress sites. Get in touch with us today.




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