What is Local SEO Management?

Has your business struggled to achieve online visibility? Does it appear as if your online marketing strategy has fallen flat on its face? Perhaps you have instead noticed that prospective clients seem to be gravitating towards your closest competitors. These are three of the challenges which SMEs struggle to cope with on a daily basis.

Unlike larger enterprises, smaller ventures rarely service clients from hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away. They are instead interested in targeting a local demographic in order to promote their goods and services. Of course, this is one of the primary objectives of search engine optimisation. Local SEO is different to international SEO and national SEO for this reason.

As a results-driven SEO agency, Digital Funnel has already helped countless businesses throughout Cork, Dublin, Limerick, and Galway to hone their efforts within a localised marketplace in order to enjoy a higher return on investment. From local accountants to electricians and everything in between, our local SEO management company will provide bespoke solutions. It is still a good idea to take a closer look at this concept to appreciate what is in store.




Local SEO Management Tactics

Before creating a targeted local SEO checklist, it is wise to appreciate some of the most powerful and intuitive tools at your disposal. These tactics will be able to offer tangible results while enabling SMEs to monitor their progress along the way. You can therefore remain one step ahead of the competition.

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Google My Business

Google My Business is arguably the most well-known way to enlarge your digital footprint and to boost your search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Google My Business enables owners to control the ways in which their website is displayed immediately after a search query. This utility essentially creates a “snapshot” of your business so that it can enjoy greater online visibility; helping to increase conversion rates.

Optimising your Google My Business profile will enable important information to be clearly displayed. These details are usually referred to by the acronym “NAP” (Name, Address and Phone number). In other words, clients will be able to immediately glean vital details so they can take further actions. Let’s also remember that you can add appealing visual elements to your listing such as photos. In fact, studies have found that listings with photos can receive up to 35 per cent more clicks when compared to standard SERP results.



Local SEO Management

On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is another facet of white-label local SEO. Our team employ a number of tactics to ensure a webpage is fully optimised, focusing on –

  • Meta titles and descriptions.
  • Proper HTML coding.
  • Link building and citations.
  • Curating high quality and locally targeted content.

Although the benefits of providing a localised flavour to your website are critical. Simply stated, on-page SEO will have specific web pages that are designed to target a local audience. When a user then visits this page they should feel they are interacting with a local business.




Local SEO In Practice

JK Services Electrical Contractors

Local SEO management works wonders for a specific type of business. Take an electrician for an example, local work is their bread and butter. If you’re a Carpenter based in Kerry you don’t necessarily want people from Galway or Belfast contacting you through your website. Many of these operations are on the smaller side and don’t have the capabilities, manpower or the desire to be sending team members on 6 hour round trips daily for small jobs, it doesn’t make sense.

At Digital Funnel, we know what works for local SEO. Recently, a local electrical firm contacted us looking for help in the Cork area. We optimised their web pages and targeted specific keyword terms like ‘Electrician Cork’, a term with 600 search volume per month.



SEO in the electrical world is a competitive area, but through our meticulously tested local SEO techniques, our client is now consistently ranking first for their chosen keywords. As a result of this, the client’s website traffic has grown exponentially leading to far more local leads and increased turnover.

They now feature on Google Results Page 1 with 60+ different terms, plus a strong presence in the Google Map Pack from careful optimisation.



Local SEO Statistics

Local SEO Management: Why is it so Important?

The notion of hyper-localisation has become extremely important for small-to-medium-sized businesses, especially in this day and age. Not only is it challenging to compete with larger national businesses, but the fact of the matter is that a growing number of consumers are choosing to purchase goods and services from local vendors.
For example, did you know that local queries accounted for nearly 50 per cent of all Google searches in 2020? Furthermore, it has been shown that a staggering 78 per cent of mobile consumers who use handy local tools such as Google Map Pack will eventually make an offline purchase.

Let’s also remember that reviews from local customers will provide a sense of organic transparency to your business. These are some of the main reasons why local SEO management has taken centre stage in recent times.



Answers to Your Questions

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO involves modifying your search engine optimisation tactics in order to address a specific audience (generally found close to your business location). Note that this is a much more exacting approach when compared to the broader tactics associated with national SEO.



How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

The costs of local SEO management will depend upon a number of factors. These can include the unique needs of your business, your location and any potential competition. Of course, other factors such as web design and digital PR campaigns may also come into play. This is why it is a good idea to contact one of the team members at Digital Funnel.



What are Local SEO Services?

Local SEO services are strategies based around appealing to a nearby audience (such as consumers based out of Cork or Galway). A local SEO company will therefore embrace specific tactics such as the use of locally relevant keywords, creating pages for distinct regions, and ensuring that a Google My Business profile contains all of the most pertinent information.



Who Needs Local SEO?

In some ways, the better question would be to ask who doesn’t need local SEO. Having said this, most local SEO management strategies are intended for small- to medium-sized businesses which have no need to offer their services on a nationwide basis. This strategy is particularly effective if your venture has been struggling to capture a local target audience.



How to Boost Local SEO?

There are several ways to optimise your results. The best local SEO services will be tailored around the needs of the business in question as opposed to adopting a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Techniques include creating high-quality backlinks, curating locally oriented content, analysing the performance of your website, and leveraging the power of a Google My Business listing.

Optimising your Google My Business listing will provide your organisation with the digital “clout” that it may have been lacking in the past. Here are some local SEO management techniques to employ:

  • Be sure to complete every section.
  • Provide accurate contact information.
  • Include opening hours.
  • Upload at least two relevant and high-quality images.
  • When possible, provide positive customer feedback.

Following this simple advice will help to ensure long-term local SEO success.



Are Business Listings Important?

In short, yes. Our digital marketing agency will also place a great deal of importance on curating quality business listings, backlinks, and citations. Not only do these represent tried-and-tested on-page SEO tactics, but links are essential Google ranking factors.
In terms of business listings, the “NAP” approach mentioned earlier will likewise come into play. The main takeaway point is that potential customers need to be provided with a quick and simple means to contact your firm. This is even more relevant in terms of mobile searches.




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