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    The Digital Funnel SEO Audit Process

    • Technical SEO Audit

      Technical SEO issues can greatly impact your ranking position. Our expert team implement a technical SEO infrastructure audit in order to identify any potential issues followed by an action list to rectify.



    • Keyword Research Analysis

      Keywords place a crucial role in SEO. If you want to run a successful campaign, you’ll need to identify and select the appropriate keywords. Digital Funnel can undertake this research and compile keyword research based on your top 5 services.



    • Penalty Indication & Recovery

      Did you know that Google can place websites on a blacklist? If your site has fallen fowl of Googles terms and conditions your ranking status can be severely impacted. We investigate your stauts, identify potential issues and advise you on the next move if you find yourself in this online purgatory.



    • Off Page SEO Audit

      Broken and toxic links can harm your websites status. We can identify your current standing, overall website authority score and provide expert link building plans, all of which are crucial when it comes to climbing the Google rankings.



    • On-Page SEO Audit

      On-Page work is integral to determining how high your website will appear in the Google search results. We regulary review and revise your on-page content to ensure you’re attracting the right kind of attention from the Google Bots”



    • Competitor Analysis

      The online world is intensely competitive, regardless of industry. It’s essential to analyse your competition in order to determine what keywords they are ranking for and through which links they are garnering traffic.



    • Website Structure Audit

      A well mapped and designed site structure will place you ahead of your competition as Google attempts to digest and interpret millions of sites. Our experts can review and evaluate your site structure and offer actionable advice.




    • Content SEO Audit

      SEO Friendly content needs to be simple for a search engine to consume whilst also rich with keywords. The Digital Funnel content SEO Audit identifies issues with non compliant, outdated and even duplicate content.



    The ins & outs of an SEO Audit

    There are actually two different schools of thought when it comes to a website audit, complete with their own positives and negatives, one method may work for one businesses, but not for the other.

    First up, you get the ‘rapid’ audit. An experienced SEO Auditor can perform this task in about 15-20 minutes and they simply perform an audit of your website through the eyes of the search engine. Things like XML maps, alt tags, meta descriptions, domain & page authority, traffic, penalty indications and more are touched upon alongside other key issues. Generally speaking, these are more surface level issues and that’s how a good SEO organisation can get this process done so quickly.

    In Comparison, Digital Funnel provides a full, complete SEO Audit. This includes all aspects of the fast SEO process, however the audit delves much deeper and provides far more indepth data. To an SEO layperson, this may not seem like a massive difference, but the data turned out by these audits informs the process going forward far more than the fast audit. Up to 90 sections can be examined during this auditing process all of which can directly influence your SEO ranking.



    Define the End Goal

    Before ordering an SEO Audit, you really need to understand your own businesses goals and targets. SEO isn’t a magical solution, it can help you get to where you want to be but cannot do all of the work on its own.

    It’s very easy to simply want to rank higher on the SERPs or to wish for more visitors to your website, but why do you want to do this? What’s the direction? Your business goals are vital for us, because these goals will give essential perspective and shape your future SEO efforts. When the Audit is presented to you, our expert team of SEO experts will view the results with your end goal in mind, which allows us to then prioritise certain tasks.

    It’s also important to note that you can’t expect immediate results from any form of SEO campaign, it’s a convoluted and complicated process with a huge number of external variables influencing your efforts. The bigger your website, the more complex the process and as a result, the longer it will take for an SEO audit to be finalised.



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