What services define a National SEO Company?

A national approach to search engine optimisation is much different when compared to local SEO strategies, and for good reason. National SEO focuses upon a relatively broad audience and therefore, it is utilised to leverage long-term results. It employs a broader range of keywords to resonate with a wider demographic and therefore, this approach is ideal if your business needs to expand into a larger marketplace.

Having said this, our national SEO company, Digital Funnel, are nonetheless moulded around the requirements of the organisation in question. This enables us to curate bespoke and highly effective strategies, saving the client time as well as money. Whether you wish to take your ongoing operations to the next level or you are unhappy with the results of a current SEO campaign, there is no doubt that our services will provide powerful solutions whether you are based in Cork, Galway, Dublin, Tipperary or anywhere else in the country.




Local SEO Versus National SEO

Local SEO

What separates our national SEO company from more locally-oriented efforts? As the name may already suggest, local SEO tends to be focused upon a much more discrete target audience (such as a city, town or region). Many of the associated strategies rely upon digital listings and third-party advertising methods other than a primary website. Local SEO techniques tend to be rather straightforward to implement and perhaps most crucially, the markets themselves are less competitive when compared to larger SEO campaigns. This is often an important concern for businesses that are trying to establish an initial foothold within a niche market.



National SEO

On the contrary, national SEO is much broader in scope. This approach has been designed to target numerous users and often, a handful of disparate demographics. One takeaway point here is that national-level search engine optimisation is much more competitive. This is due to the fact that generalised keywords will frequently need to be employed. Other aspects of this approach include the curation of quality on-site content, increasing domain authority and improving SERP rankings over time. As you may have already imagined, our national SEO company can provide effective ways to take the operations of any business to the next level and beyond.



Developing a Robust National SEO Company Strategy

It is now important to take a look at a handful of national SEO strategies which the team at Digital Funnel will employ. What can you expect when working together with our experts?

Similar to our local approach to SEO, our digital marketing agency will leverage the power of big data in order to develop a tailor-made strategy from the ground up. Keywords will be chosen in terms of their competitive nature as well as their relationship to your industry. As the ultimate goal is quality lead generation, we will carefully scrutinise clickthrough rates and conversions in order to appreciate the results of our ongoing strategies. Clients can likewise expect an unparalleled sense of transparency during every stage of the project lifecycle; ensuring that all stakeholders are kept “within the loop”.



National on-page SEO will involve metrics such as using the proper HTML coding, curating high-quality content, selecting nationally oriented keywords, and examining important statistics (including bounce rates, page load times and the number of visitors based off of geographic location). A fully optimised website will help to boost brand identity and ultimately, it will lead to a higher return-on-investment.

Off-page SEO involves several other unique strategies. Building high-quality inbound and outbound links is a prime example, as these help to improve search engine rankings while providing your website with an authoritative nature. Improving social signals, bolstering brand identity through the use of blogs and guest posts are all included within our bespoke approach to off-page SEO.



Digital Public relations is yet another facet that our national SEO company provides. Word of mouth is important, as it helps to provide any business with a sense of transparency that would hardly be possible with traditional marketing campaigns alone. This is even more relevant when discussing local search engine optimisation, as your business can enjoy a decidedly organic edge over nearby competitors.




National SEO Statistics at a Glance


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