• Guest Post ; How To Include Videos In Your SEO Strategy

    Videos have become the best-performing content on the internet for so many reasons. You can put tons of information in a short 3-minute video, and if the video is well-made, the engagement and reach will exceed your expectations.  If you are among those who haven’t utilized videos for building a content strategy yet, this is […]

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    Identifying and fixing technical SEO issues is often easier said than done. Not only can these snags lead to operational concerns, but they may impact how the company itself is perceived. The main issue here is that SEO mistakes and errors will inevitably crop up from time to time. Therefore it is important to identify […]

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    Knowing how to write meta descriptions is vital if you want to increase click-through rates and get your content seen. In short, meta descriptions are HTML meta tags that average out at around 155 characters. These valuable snippets provide a user-friendly summary of the content of your page and appear directly below a page title […]

  • Is Video Good for SEO?

    Well, Video SEO has dramatically changed in the last few years. Those YouTube tutorial videos from SEO experts from 2012 or even as recent as 2018 may as well be prehistoric. Simply put the game has changed and if you’re following these roadmaps you’re going to end up with disappointing results. The YouTube algorithm is […]

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    SEO is constantly changing, algorithms altered, guidelines shifted and a landscape that is notorious for flipping at a moments notice. But in the face of this, organic search traffic is still one of the most valuable and stables sources of customers and leads for businesses across the globe, with this we can narrow down some […]

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    Longer articles mean more time spent on page, which is great SEO content creation practice. But so many people ignore the most vital part – Your content has to actually be engaging! The best SEO content creation results come from blogs that are chocked full with about 2’000 words, but how do you keep this mini essay […]

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    It’s common knowledge that SEO & Online reviews are closely linked. According to reports from Moz, reviews placed are believed to make up 10% of the criteria for how Google actually displays results. Why are reviews important? It is important to note here that the general consensus is that reviews (especially really good or really […]