100+ Links from this Spooky Campaign – Digital PR Case Study

Evergreen, reusable content is one of the staples of Digital PR. When formulating your content calendar for the year it’s important to mark key points and occasions over a 12 month period that you can capitalise on. Whilst working with Atkins Farm Machinery & Garden Shop, we made the decision to target the Halloween season in order to secure backlinks –


How We Did It

At the start of the ideation process our Digital PR team utilised Google Trends to scope out possible angles for our campaign. Between October 1st to October 23rd, online searches for pumpkins spike enormously, with searches for ‘how to keep pumpkins fresh’ also witnessing a significant bump – there was our pitch.

From here, we researched articles online on how to keep pumpkins fresh from longer and then discussed these findings with the Atkins team, who digested the initial research and provided us with their top tips on how to keep pumpkins fresher for longer over the Halloween period.

This unique, in-depth information was compiled by our Digital PR team into a succinct press release and distributed to journalists across Ireland, the UK and the United States.

“We don’t always target the US market, but with this campaign it was a no-brainer. Search traffic ‘pumpkins’ and ‘how to keep pumpkins fresh’ was at its highest in the United States and from a journalist point of view, they have far more writers covering these more seasonal stories than anywhere else in the world. The fact we are targeting the US Market with an Irish client is irrelevant, mainly because the content is good, it’s well researched and well presented. Journalists want strong, reliable voices, regardless of where they are from” – JJ Lee, Digital PR Executive.



The Results

100+ Links were secured from this one campaign. Placements with the Express, MSN and Readers Digest (who have around 100m monthly visitors between them) were the pick of the litter, the client also featured on a US based morning news program!


These 85+ DR sites were supplemented by huge swathes of links from across the US & the UK.

As a result of this campaign and previous works completed by Digital Funnel, Atkins has an incredibly healthy backlink profile – but why are backlinks important?

“Since Google counts backlinks as one of its primary ranking indicators, we can’t stress how crucial they are. The search engine’s algorithm considers a page’s backlink profile when determining whether to rank it for a particular search keyword. The quantity and quality of links on a website are both factors in its backlink profile. The website or page with the most backlinks will typically be ranked higher on Google than other websites. Simply put, SEO performance improves as backlink quality increases.” – Ian Carroll, Company Director


“Great, regular reporting; top notch communication and great results.” – Joe Doherty, eCommerce Manager, Atkins Farm Machinery


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